Copy currency symbols

Explore all currency symbols including US Dollar, cent, UK pound, Euro, Japanese yen, Indian rupee, rubel, french franc, and many more symbols.

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guarani sign
dollar sign
pound sign
euro sign
yen sign
indian rupee sign
ruble sign
yuan character, in china
currency sign
euro-currency sign
colon sign
cruzeiro sign
french franc sign
lira sign
mill sign
naira sign
peseta sign
rupee sign
won sign
new sheqel sign
dong sign
kip sign
tugrik sign
drachma sign
german penny symbol
peso sign
cent sign
austral sign
hryvnia sign
cedi sign
livre tournois sign
tenge sign
turkish lira sign
manat sign
bengali rupee mark
bengali rupee sign
gujarati rupee sign
tamil rupee sign
thai currency symbol baht
khmer currency symbol riel
square yuan
yen character
yen/yuan character variant one
yen/yuan character variant two
yuan character, in hong kong and taiwan
yen/yuan character variant three
won character
rial sign
fullwidth dollar sign
fullwidth cent sign
fullwidth pound sign
fullwidth yen sign
fullwidth won sign