★ Star Symbols

Star Symbols

Star symbols are one of the most famous symbols over the internet. A star is an astronomical object from space, Star symbol was in use from ancient times. In geometry, A star is a polygon that is not convex. There are many types of star symbols but a regular star symbol has five corners and is a self-intersecting equilateral equiangular polygon.

In typography, a star symbol can have a different number of points arrayed within an imaginary circle starting from three points(߷) to sixteen points(✺). Some of the star symbols are having multiple star glyphs which include asterism(⁂).

How Are Star Symbols Used?

There are different uses and meanings of the star symbols based on their shape. But the most common use of the star symbols is below.

  • Rating System
  • A Symbol of Awards
  • A Typographical Symbol
  • Add Attention to a footnote.
  • Company logos
  • Person Nickname (★lex)

How To Copy Star Symbols?

On HotSymbol, star symbol copy and paste is the easiest task a novice user can do. The current pages allow you to copy-paste star symbols with just a click. You can copy the star symbols either from the current or /symbols page.

Current Page: To copy the star symbols on the current page you just need to click on the “copy” button on any star symbol of your choice.

/symbols Page: To copy the star symbols on the /symbols page you just need to click on the direction to the symbol.

How To Get More Information About Star Symbols?

You are just one click away to get more information about any of the star symbols, on the current page, can click on any star symbol to get more information about the star symbol you clicked. On the star symbol information page, you can get technical information like Unicode, HTML code, CSS code, HTML Entity, HEX code, and Alt Code which you can copy using one click and use anywhere you want freely without any restrictions.