Fancy Text Symbols Copy and Paste

HotSymbol is the best website on the internet to copy fancy text Symbols. On HotSymbol you can explore the most renowned & trending symbols collection which you can use on your day-to-day online life. HotSymbol is one of its kind of website to allow you to copy the symbols on with just a click. With the help of HotSymbol, it is so easy to get information like Codepoint(Unicode), HTML shortcode, HTML entity shortcode, CSS shortcode, HEX shortcode, and Alt code of the symbols.

We made the HotSymbol website so simple, elegant, and super fast to copy symbols so any user can explore the symbols easily and can copy the symbols for their personal use. The symbols copied from the symbols are 100% free to use anywhere without restriction. The symbols arranged on the HotSymbol are categorized in a way that you can find the symbol of your choice with fewer clicks, and if you do not see the symbol of your choice then you can always use HotSymbol’s powerful search function to find a symbol of your choice.

The Mission of the HotSymbol website is to be the best website to copy and explore the symbols. And to make it possible we are working hard and fast for you. We are using cutting-edge technology to make the user experience top-notch.


Here are frequently asked questions about the HotSymbol. Feel free to ask your question if it is not listed below.

What is a symbol?

The symbol is a mark, sign, word, or character used to represent an idea, object, quality, event, thing, or relationship. With the help of symbols, people can visualize the picture that is used instead of a word or group of words.

Why are symbols used?

Symbols and signs are the basis of all human understanding for centuries, Symbols make understanding easy in the world we live in without any restriction of the language. People use symbols and signs to make sense of the world around them as well as identify and cooperate with the cultures and society.

What kind of symbols does HotSymbol use?

HotSymbol uses all major Unicode symbols which are useful in day-to-day life to provide support across various devices without any boundaries.

What is Unicode?

Unicode(universal character encoding) is a character encoding standard maintained by the Unicode Consortium. Unicode facilitates the basis for processing, storage, and interchange of character data in any language across devices and software.

Unicode covers characters from all the writing systems of the world including the currency symbols, general punctuation, arrows symbol, chess symbols, musical symbols, emoticons, math symbols, weather symbols, playing card symbols, religious symbols, copyright, trademark & office symbols.

How to add the copyright symbol ©?

there are several ways to add the copyright symbol on the webpage or in the document, but one of the easiest ways is to copy the copyright symbol from the copyright sign page by just clicking on the "COPY SYMBOL" button.

How to type the Degree symbol °?

On windows, you can type the degree symbol using the alt code you can hold the Alt key and type the number 0176 from Numpad and release the Alt key. the degree symbol will be revealed once you release the Alt key. 

On Mac, you can use the keyboard shortcut for the degree symbol° which is Option + Shift + 8.

what is the name of the ÷ symbol?

÷ symbol is called Division Sign. a ÷ devision sign contains horizontal line with dots above and below. The normal keyboard does not contain the devision sign, but you can type devision symbol using Alt+0247.