Symbols and Signs

To copy any symbol to your clipboard you just need to click on the symbol. Or you can also explore thousends of other easy to copy symbols by category just click on the "View All Symbols" button.

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generic symbols

All generic symbols including copy, register, trademark, celsius, heart, music, nature, starts, shapes, and many more symbols.


arrow symbols

Explore all arrow symbols including directional arrows, wavy arrows, circuler arrows, double arrows, tripple arrows, dashed arrows, and many more symbols.

currency symbols

Explore all currency symbols including US Dollar, cent, UK pound, Euro, Japanese yen, Indian rupee, rubel, french franc, and many more symbols.


math symbols

Explore mathematical symbols including degree, complement, increment, intersection, function, square root, cube root, infinity, integral, logical operators, and many more symbols.


number symbols

Explore number symbols from generic 0 – 9, roman numeral including the one hundred and five hundred roman numeral symbols and many more other symbols.


punctuation symbols

Explore punctuation symbols including inverted exclamation mark, micro sign, paragraph sign, horizontal bra, triangular bullet, reference mark, asterism, and many more other symbols.