for all

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Unicode U+02200
Hexcode ∀
HTML Code ∀
HTML Entity ∀
CSS Code \2200

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all equal to
two asterisks aligned vertically
script small l
turned greek small letter iota
script small e
script small o
double-struck small pi
double-struck small gamma
double-struck italic small d
double-struck italic small e
double-struck italic small i
double-struck italic small j
turned small f
ballot box
ballot box with check
ballot box with x
partially-recycled paper symbol
medium small white circle
ballot x
heavy ballot x
four balloon-spoked asterisk
heavy four balloon-spoked asterisk
six petalled black and white florette
eight petalled outlined black florette
balloon-spoked asterisk
small roman numeral one
small roman numeral two
small roman numeral three
small roman numeral four
small roman numeral five
small roman numeral six
small roman numeral seven
small roman numeral eight
small roman numeral nine
small roman numeral ten
small roman numeral eleven
small roman numeral twelve
small roman numeral fifty
small roman numeral one hundred
small roman numeral five hundred
small roman numeral one thousand
latin small letter reversed c
small element of
small contains as member
parallel to
not parallel to
asymptotically equal to
not asymptotically equal to
approximately but not actually equal to
neither approximately nor actually equal to
script small g
geometrically equivalent to
geometrically equal to
equal and parallel to
small element of with vertical bar at end of horizontal stroke
small element of with overbar
small contains with vertical bar at end of horizontal stroke
small contains with overbar
superscript latin small letter i
superscript latin small letter n
latin subscript small letter a
latin subscript small letter e
latin subscript small letter o
latin subscript small letter x
latin subscript small letter schwa
latin small ligature ij
uppercase d with small letter z with caron
uppercase l with small letter j
uppercase n with small letter j
uppercase d with small letter z
uppercase small q with hook tail
latin letter small capital g
latin letter small capital i
latin letter small capital n
latin letter small capital oe
latin letter small capital r
latin letter small capital inverted r
latin letter small capital y
latin letter small capital b
latin letter small capital g with hook
latin letter small capital h
latin letter small capital l
combining latin small letter a
combining latin small letter e
combining latin small letter i
combining latin small letter o
combining latin small letter u
combining latin small letter c
combining latin small letter d
combining latin small letter h
combining latin small letter m
combining latin small letter r
combining latin small letter t
combining latin small letter v
combining latin small letter x
right white arrow from wall
right arrow with small circle
rising diagonal crossing falling diagonal
falling diagonal crossing rising diagonal
falling diagonal crossing north east arrow
left right arrow through small circle
up two-headed arrow from small circle